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Red-necked grebe parent and chick on lake.

Celebrate Alaska's Birds!

Migratory birds are back! Birds return to Alaska's woods and wetlands throughout the spring, offering ever-changing opportunities to discover these incredible migrants. From armchair naturalist experiences to tools to get outside and explore, Campbell Creek Science Center has a variety of ways to help you learn more about the wonderful world of Alaska's birds.

Virtual Programs

April 28, 10 a.m. Alaska Time | Alaska Explorers - The Art of Flight and Migration

Spread your wings and embark on an adventure to see if you have what it takes to fly across continents and over oceans to return to Alaska through the life of a migratory bird. 

Alaska Explorers programs are intended for at-home learners in grades K-6th.


Registration is required. Please register 24 hours in advance. Space is limited.

April 30, 7 p.m. Alaska Time | Conserving "Our" Birds: Migratory Birds in Alaska

Many sensitive bird species that breed in the relatively undisturbed habitats of Alaska use flyways that take them out of the Western Hemisphere and into countries with vastly different management situations. Casey Burns of BLM will share opportunities to further conservation by increasing international collaboration on migratory bird outreach, management, and research. This program is being offered in partnership with Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment (WISE).  


Registration is required. 

May 5, 10 a.m. Alaska Time | Alaska Explorers - Bird Adaptations: The Features of our Feathered Friends

What makes a bird a bird? All birds share characteristics that make them both unique and specially adapted to live in a range of environments across the globe. Join the CCSC educators to explore bird’s im-peck-able features and build a bird of your own.

Alaska Explorers programs are intended for at-home learners in grades K-6th. 


Registration is required. Please register 24 hours in advance. Space is limited.

May 7, 7 p.m. Alaska Time | Birding for Beginners 

The migratory birds are back! Are you curious about which birds are singing those songs you hear? Tune in with Autumn Young, Outreach Educator at the Campbell Creek Science Center, to discover the joy of identifying the birds around you. You will learn basic bird identification by sight and sound, how to use and choose binoculars, and ways you can contribute to community science projects through birding. 


Registration is required.

CCSC White-crowned sparrow singing A white-crowned sparrow sings from a branch.

 Look and Learn

Improve your bird identification skills with the Getting to Know Alaska’s Birds video. 

Visit The AK Flyway Exhibit to learn more about the reasons for large bird migrations to Alaska.



Pop-Up Walk

Take a self-guided bird walk on the BLM Campbell Tract in May. Signs for the walk begin near Campbell Airstrip Trailhead bridge. Happy Birding!

Click to Download Campbell Tract Trail Map brochure.

Nature Learning Activities

BLM female staff and boy look through binoculars at birds

Hone your bird observation skills with these engaging activities.  

  • Color Your Own Alaska Bird Guide
    Print and color this field guide of Alaska birds and bring it with you on your next adventure. 

  • Eye Spy Bird Behavior 
    Familiarize yourself with various types of bird behavior through the game of eye spy.  

  • The Five S's of Birding 
    Learn some simple tricks to identify different bird species. 

  • Tuning into Birds 
    Often it is easier to hear a bird than it is to see it. Learn to recognize birds by the sounds you hear.  

  • TOTs Birds
    Build a bird to learn bird adaptations and make your own binoculars to go birding. This activity is designed for those 5 and under.

Bird Identification Sheet 

Download the Common Spring Singers of the BLM Campbell Tract to help you with bird identification.

Common Spring Singers of the BLM Campbell Tract sheet

Agents of Discovery Mission

Play the Birds, Birds, Birds mission on the Agents of Discovery App to explore birds of Campbell Tract in a whole new way.

A hand holding a cell phone with the Agents of Discovery app open on it