Jeep overlooks sand dunes at sunset

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Subgroup of the Desert Advisory Council


The California Desert District Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages just under 12 million acres of public  land in Southern California. These lands include sandy washes, remote canyons, riparian areas, rocky peaks and historic and archaeological sites.

  • The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Subgroup will review, understand, and provide recommendations to the DAC on the management of the ISDRA including the collection and expenditure of recreation fees, proposed facility maintenance and development, visitor education and outreach, volunteer and partnership development, and other questions that may arise involving the management of the recreation area.
  • This Subgroup of the DAC will provide recommendations to the BLM through the DAC.
  • The BLM and the DAC will seek applicants for this subgroup


To deliver a series of recommendations about the following issues:

  • Build consensus in the evolving management of the ISDRA.
  • Monitor the recreation fee program and advise on the use of recreational fees at the ISDRA.
  • Provide transparency in the management of the ISDRA.
  • Provide an opportunity for the public to engage in and better understand the management of the ISDRA.

Expertise Needed from Members

Members of the Subgroup will be nominated by the DAC chair, selected by the DAC and concurred with by the BLM. Applicants will have demonstrated interest and should have expertise in the ISDRA, combined with one or more of the following areas:

  • Recreation Management
  • Education and Outreach
  • Volunteer and partnership development
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Industry
  • Safety
  • Community representatives

The group will consist of 7-9 members, with at least one member from the DAC.


Three-year term, with option for consideration to serve a second term; staggered terms (1/3 each year).

Meeting Schedule

Historically, there is a meeting pre-season (August/Sept), mid-season (Dec), and post-season in March.

Process for Reporting to DAC

Subgroup prepares summary of meetings, subgroup chair submits report to DAC chair, and DAC chair distributes to DAC members (and BLM posts on DAC website for public) with 14-day comment period before forwarding report with any comments to BLM. (Note: the comment period does not preclude BLM field staff from taking interim action where information from the DAC subgroup or other sources indicates more immediate action is needed.)