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This TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM is available to all nations of the world with an interest in the management of national energy and mineral resources. Through a variety of arrangements the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will share its laws, regulations, manuals and handbooks, in combination with its technical skills and experience. Direct availability of materials via this WWW site will increase continually through time. In addition, all visitors to this site are encouraged to inquire further to supplement this material as their needs may dictate.


For those interested, links are provided to two tutorials. These are (1) Definition and Role of U.S. Public Lands Tutorial, which discusses land (and mineral) ownership patterns and the basic legal structure associated with those patterns in the United States, and (2) Energy and Minerals Management in the U.S., which is an overview of energy and minerals management practices in the United States. Familiarity with these concepts is necessary to understand the context in which energy and mineral resources are managed.

Program Offerings

The next page provides a listing of categories of resource management activities, ranging from cadastral survey and land use planning to ultimate reclamation and rehabilitation of mineral sites. You may choose one or more of these for specific information.

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You are encouraged to provide comments on the design and utility of these site materials. In the future a questionnaire will be included to solicit your comments, including need for specific types of additional information.

For more information contact:
Dr Adam A. Sokoloski, Manager
International Energy and Minerals
Technical Assistance Program
1849 C St. N.W., Washington, D.C. USA, 20240
USA Phone: 703-452-7731, FAX 703-452-5199

Updated June 11, 1996