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Environmental Education

BLM Learning & Training

Environmental Education Lesson at a local YMCA site

The BLM strives to realize healthier and more productive public lands through better informed citizens and well trained employees for our 258 million-acre laboratory.

To achieve this goal of well trained employees and informed citizens, BLM offers two sites:

(1) For informed citizens, Learning Landscapes -- This site presents learning opportunities associated with the 258 million acres of public lands that BLM manages for all Americans. We have gathered information for students, teachers and adult learners to use both in the classroom, in informal outdoor settings, or in ‘virtual’ classrooms and included resources from many of our field offices scattered mostly throughout the Western United States. Click here for the Learning Landscapes Environmental Education web site.

 Planting a butterfly garden @ Lyden Hill, Milwawkee WI(2) For well trained employees, the National Training Center (NTC) in Phoenix, Arizona. NTC offers over 200 courses annually making it a primary source for BLM training in natural resources and leadership. However, NTC's service to the federal community doesn't end there, as many courses are available to employees of other agencies through tuition programs. NTC is also a leader in instructional television and produces courses that are broadcast via satellite to over 130 BLM Satellite Network sites nationally. Broadcasts are not encrypted and are available to other agencies. NTC, with its full-service television capability has become the communications hub for BLM, providing an excellent means for agency leadership to keep field employees informed of law and policy changes. Click here for the NTC web site.