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Meadowood Frequently Asked Questions

How did BLM acquire a horse stable?

BLM acquired the Meadowood property in 2001 through a land exchange with lands that were part of the former Lorton prison complex. In addition to 800 acres, the property contained a 30+ year old horse stable with related structures. At the time of acquisition, the stable housed only privately-owned, boarded horses.

How is the stable currently used?

The stable currently provides facilities for a therapeutic riding program, public riding lesson programs, and privately-owned, boarded horses. A BLM contractor provides the horse boarding services. In addition, stalls are provided when needed for BLM partners and volunteers. In the past, BLM has provided stabling and facility use for the U.S. Capitol Police and the U.S. Army Caisson Platoon. BLM volunteers bring adopted wild horses to support wild horse adoptions held onsite.

Is the barn open to the public?

Yes, the stable and indoor and outdoor riding arenas are open to the public. Use of the indoor and outdoor arenas by non-resident, privately owned horses, can be allowed. The horse pastures used by resident horses are not open to the public due to safety concerns (e.g., loose horses). 

Are wild horse and burro adoptions held in the barn?

In the past, wild horse and burro adoptions at Meadowood have not been held in the indoor arena due to the larger number of resident horses. Adoptions were held in open fields, which subjected the animals and public to inclement weather. BLM has a need for a covered arena to provide shelter at adoptions for both the public and animals. There are no funds to build a facility for wild horse adoptions; therefore, BLM may reconsider use of the indoor arena for future adoptions and activities.