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Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area

Meadowood Equestrian Facility

Meadowood Horse BarnFebruary 2014 Update: An Environmental Assessment (EA) of repairs related to the equestrian facility is now available for public comment. To learn more about this EA, read the news release here. 

The documents linked on this page have informed the discussion of alternatives throughout this process, and are provided here as background information.

When the BLM acquired Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area in 2001, the former private property included a horse stable that was more than 30 years old and contained privately-owned, boarded horses. During the last 10 years, the BLM has increased public use of the facility which now hosts public therapeutic and riding lesson programs as well as private boarding. The concern is that the stables, including the indoor riding arena, do not meet International Building Code (IBC) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for public use as documented by several reports and analyses.  The photo above shows the facility as of July 2011 (click on the photo for a larger view).

News and Information

NEPA Scoping Process

Reports and Analyses

Procurement Documents

The EA provides a variety of proposed actions for the equestrian facility that will include safe and improved public access. Recent actions have been taken to mitigate barn safety concerns, including increasing siding and column supports, installing a new waterline, covering the electrical panel, and labeling non-potable water sources.

Trail and Trailhead Parking Areas Project Plan and (pdf 253k)

Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area - Integrated Activity Management Plan/Environmental Assessment (PDF, 2200K)

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