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The natural resources programs of BLM Eastern States are focused mainly around scattered public domain tracts in the states bordering and east of the Mississippi River and acquired parcels in Maryland and Virginia. They represent a sampling of a variety of wildlife habitats, cultural resources and recreational opportunities in the east. Many, are islands of refuge for rare plant and animal species as well as cultural and historical resources. In addition, the tracts are mostly in the vicinity of rapidly urbanizing eastern metropolitan areas or are surrounded by intensively developed private land. Therefore, there is opportunity to take advantage of a public recreational open space "island" while conserving and enhancing cultural and natural resources.

To be successful short or long term stewards of the public wildlife, cultural, or recreation resources, BLM-Eastern States has relied on a diversity of very energetic partnerships.

Partnerships reflect collaborative efforts, where private or State funds/services are being paired with Federal funds to benefit local projects. Often these partnerships are informal with BLM employees providing resource assistance at schools or at environmental education events. In some cases, formal agreements have been signed where there is a long-term commitment to a project or when matching Federal funds are being utilized.

BLM-Eastern States is involved with a variety of partnerships involving Federal, State, and county governments, which include: the Eastern Lands and Resources Council; the Florida’s Palm Beach County; the Village of Tequesta; the Town of Jupiter; and Walton County’s Florida Tourism Commision; America’s Outdoors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Island Stewardship Program; and the Michigan Lighthouse Project, to name a few.