Public Room Notices and Decisions

Notice Regarding EOIs -- The BLM no longer requires submitters of EOIs to provide their name and address.  You may still provide this information for contact purposes; however, the BLM will make this information available to the public.  If you consider your name and address to be confidential, do not include it in your EOI.  The BLM will release all EOIs received after January 1, 2014, to the public.  In an effort to improve transparency, we will make all new EOI submission received on or after January 1, 2014, available to the public on our website. 

Returned Notices and Decisions -- Notices and Decisions that are returned by U.S. mail will be posted below, in addition to posting them in the public room located at the State Office, for 30 days before final action is taken. There are currently no Notices or Decisions that have been returned for posting to this public room.