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Environmental Protection Agency's Study of Hydraulic Fracturing

LEASING REFORM - Press Release  and  Questions and Answers

Estimated Revenues Generated from Mineral Leasing Activities and Disbursements to the States  --spreadsheet 

Information Notice - Limitations on Credit Cards

 Instruction Memorandum on Transfers of Operating Rights - Change in Adjudication

Public Room Notices and Decisions




Big Churchill and Lufkin pumping units pump twin wells at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana.  Co-location of wells on same wellpad conserves the environment (Photo: JFO)


 Federal Oil and Gas Leasing and Development in the Eastern States

 General Information on Oil and Gas Leasing

  • Leasing Instructions
  • Questions and Answers about Leasing


Lease Sales


          Best Management Practices

  • The Gold Book - Surface Operating Standards and Guidelines for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development
  • Arkansas - Fayetteville Shale - Best Management Practices for Natural Gas Activities
  • Weeds/Invasive Species Concerns/Awareness on Public Lands - In the West, and with BLM, invasive species taking over watersheds, riparian, and other public lands are an important concern, affecting roughly 35 million acres of surface that we manage. Oil and gas, mineral operations, and other use authorizations potentially introduce non-native species (flora and fauna), that if left unchecked will often crowd out the native populations, and become more troublesome over time, and sometimes, irreversible, and at great expense to treat.


General links

Buried Wellhead Eliminates Visual Impacts


BLM Automated Records Systems
The LR2000 System (
  • The LR2000 contains applicant and land use data on leases, permits, contracts, agreements, unpatented mining claims, and other use authorizations issued or recorded by the BLM.  Use authorizations pertain to oil and gas, coal, sand, gravel, grazing, communication sites, and rights-of-way.
GeoCommunicator (
  • The Geocommunicator is an interactive map viewer that permits users to search and display LR2000 records including: oil and gas, geothermal, solid mineral and coal leases, mining claims, stipulations and conveyances, as well as download and dynamically map Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data.  Users can also view grazing allotment and pasture boundaries on this site.