The BLM-Eastern States Office has the Secretary of the Interior's copies of the original survey plats for the Public Domain states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi and Wisconsin.  The Secretary's copy of the survey plats for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Ohio are kept at the National Archives and Records Administration, located in College Park, Maryland.  These plats were drawn in the 1800's when the Public Domain was first surveyed by the surveyors of the U.S. General Land Office.  The maps depict the surveyed lines that form townships, sections, lots, and acreage. In some instances they also depict the vegetation and rivers as they existed at the time of the survey.  If this is the type of map you are seeking, please contact our Information Access Center at 703-440-1600.  Additional maps are available from the U.S. Geological Survey at: