Volunteers are invaluable in extending the services of many American institutions, organizations and Federal Agencies. Tasks such as feeding the homeless, supporting the arts, or participating in beach and park clean-ups are some examples of how people can become involved in their communities. Many volunteer opportunities exist with Federal Government Agencies such as the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM enthusiastically welcomes the support of concerned people, such as yourself, who would like to help care for America's public land.

The BLM's Eastern States is interested in matching volunteers to innovative and challenging positions. There are opportunities available at the Eastern States Office in Springfield, VA as well as in our Field Offices located in Jackson, Milwaukee, and the Lower Potomac Field Station, Meadowood.  We also have opportunities in small project offices in several eastern states.

What you do can make a difference for generations of Americans whose birthright includes this Nation's public lands. It is also personally rewarding and can help you build a great resume.

Consider the possibilities:

  • You could work with-our Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program, which is a very interesting and gratifying program managed by the BLM.
  • You could conduct research on the history of America's' lands, often using original documents dating back to the 1700's.­
  • You could conduct genealogical research by using the vast repository of the Nation's land records maintained by Eastern States.
  • You could build trails or work on habitat management or restoration

If you are interested in sharing your talents, abilities, or time with us, or if you would like more information on a particular volunteer position, please email our Eastern States Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Stratton

The possibilities are endless; the rewards many. We hope you’ll join us.