Other Wisconsin Rivers Featuring Public Islands

Several of Wisconsin's rivers and inland lakes have just one or a few small public islands.  The BLM does not intensively manage most of these small, isolated islands, with a few exceptions.  We have begun to clear buckthorn on the island in Red Cedar Lake, which has many old, open grown oak trees, indicating what used to be a savanna. 


You may find many comfortable camping sites like this one, on public islands in Wisconsin rivers and lakes.  Below are links to BLM-managed public islands in other Wisconsin rivers.  These are in JPG format, 8.5 x 11 inches and show topographic features with islands indicated by stars.  To download, click on the icon or the name of the map.

Fox1_Berlin1487 Kb02/22/2013
Fox2_Omro1395 Kb02/22/2013
Fox3_Butte_des_Mortes1520 Kb02/22/2013
Fox4_Little_Butte_des_Mortes1741 Kb02/22/2013
Fox5_Little_Chute1872 Kb02/22/2013
FoxIL1_Burlington1960 Kb02/22/2013
FoxIL2_Silver_Lake1706 Kb02/22/2013
FoxIL3_Wilmot1780 Kb02/22/2013
Oconto_Underhill_OcontoFalls1648 Kb02/22/2013
Oconto_Falls_Machickanee1576 Kb02/22/2013
Oconto_Hwy141_Bay1592 Kb02/22/2013
Suburban_Oconto1320 Kb02/22/2013