Lower Wisconsin River

The BLM manages 21 of the islands along the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.  You may have camped on one of them once or twice, thinking you were on state land.  That's just fine, since these islands are as open for campting as the rest of the Riverway.  Make sure to abide by the Riverway's rules, and enjoy your time on this wide, remote river.

Below are links to BLM-managed public islands on the Lower Wisconsin.  These are in JPG format, 8.5 x 11 inches and show topographic features with islands indicated by stars.  To download, click on the icon or the name of the map.

Wisc27_FerryBluff1274 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc28_LWR_upper_IowaCo1336 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc29_LWR_Arena1330 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc30_LWR_Pecks_TowerHill1457 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc31_LWR_Boscobel1644 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc32_LWR_Wauzeka1700 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc33_LWR_below_Wauzeka1470 Kb02/22/2013
Wisc34_LWR_above_Bridgeport1538 Kb02/22/2013