Flambeau River

A smattering of islands on the South Fork amidst the rapids in Price County, two islands in the Flambeau River State Forest in Sawyer County, and a few more on the main stem, close to the confluence with the Chippewa, are all public islands on the Flambeau River.

Below are links to the BLM-managed public islands on this river.  These are in JPG format, 8.5 x 11 inches and show topographic features with islands indicated by stars.  To download, click on the icon or the name of the map.

Flam1_Fifield_Lugerville1922 Kb02/22/2013
Flam2_Lugerville_CntyW1807 Kb02/22/2013
Flam3_CntyW1710 Kb02/22/2013
Flam4_FlamRSF1747 Kb02/22/2013
Flam5_PortArthur1490 Kb02/22/2013
Flam6_Chippewa_confluence1284 Kb02/22/2013