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Meadowood Recreation


Map of trail network at the Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area, including information about universally accessible trails, and  locations for parking and fishing.

Click here to download Meadowood Brochure 

GEOCACHING – You Are the Search Engine!

Geocaching is a relatively new sport which combines the use of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology with the search for a hidden cache in the outdoors. Geocachers (people searching for a cache) follow GPS coordinates and sometimes clues in the search for a geocache using their personal GPS units. The sport is growing in popularity among both children and adults.  A geocache is typically a water tight container which contains at least a log book and items for trade. When a geocacher locates a cache they write the date, time and any other information they want into the log book. If the geocache is large enough it may contain items for trade. The items are typically of dollar-store value. The rule of the sport is if you decide to take an item then you must leave one. Geocachers also log which items they traded. Once you get home you can log into the Geocaching website and register your find. You can also leave notes for the geocache owner or log that you were unable to find their geocache. 

Geocaches come in sizes from micro (typically a 35 mm film canister size) to very large. The container can take any shape or color but they are never buried. They can be concealed inside an old tree, behind a rock or covered with leaves. The "hide" is really only limited by the geocache owners imagination. Geocaches are also rated on how hard it is to find the geocache (Difficulty) and the distance or difficulty in reaching the geocache (Terrain). Some caches are very easy to find while others may require special skills or equipment.  Meadowood Recreation Area's first geocache contained the infamous "Meadowood squirrel". Geocachers who found the geocache moved the the squirrel to the next geocache they found, where it was found again and moved on. The Meadowood squirrel has now welcomed a newborn in a delivery room, traveled throughout the United States, and been reported in Iceland, Germany, San Francisco and elsewhere! To find geocaches placed in the Meadowood Recreation Area and read about the Meadowood squirrel, please follow the link below or use the zip code 22079 on the above link:

The Meadowood Squirrel started its travels at the Meadowood Scramble. Meadowood Squirrel's adventures include visits to Iceland and Germany as well as visiting a newborn baby girl.