Florida Resources Management Plan and Record of Decision, 1995 


Record of Decision

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Land Use Decisions

Appendix A - Areas of Critical Environmental Concern

Appendix B - Lands

Appendix C - Oil and Gas

Appendix D - Recreation and Visual Resources

Appendix E - Soils

Appendix F - Solid Minerals

Appendix G - Wildlife and Vegetation 

Glossary and References 

List of Preparers





Map 1 – Federal Land Ownership

Map 2 – Split Estate Federal Mineral Ownership

Map 3 – Oil and Gas Potential and Split-Estate Federal Oil and Gas Ownership

Map 4 – Phosphate Potential and Split-Estate Federal Phosphate Ownership

Map 5 – Limestone Potential and Split-Estate Federal Limestone Ownership

Map 6 – Soil-Water Stipulations for Oil and Gas Leasing

Map 7 – Soil-Aquatic Habitat Stipulation Areas

Map 8 – Wetland-Aquatic Habitat Constraint Areas