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Alabama and Mississippi Resource Management Plan

In July, 2002, BLM published a "Notice of Intent" to prepare the Alabama-Mississippi Resource Management Plan (RMP).  As part of the planning process, a supporting environmental impact statement (EIS) was prepared. The RMP and EIS were developed concurrently, considering a range of alternatives and with full public participation. The Draft RMP and EIS were released for public review in August, 2007 and the Proposed RMP and Final EIS were issued in August, 2008. The approved RMP and Records of Decision (ROD) were signed in March, 2009.

The Alabama-Mississippi RMP provides future direction for managing several small tracts of BLM-administered surface land and more than 800,000 acres of BLM-administered mineral estate throughout Alabama and Mississippi. The RMP establishes goals and objectives for resource management; identifies lands that are open or available for certain uses, including any restrictions, and lands that are closed to certain uses; provides comprehensive management direction for all resources and uses; and makes broad scale decisions guiding future site-specific implementation decisions.


Alabama and Mississippi Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement, August 2007

Alabama and Mississippi Proposed Resource Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement, August 2008

Alabama Record of Decision and Approved Management Plan, January 2009

Mississippi Record of Decision and Approved Management Plan, January 2009