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Resource Management Plans: The Southeastern States District (SSD) is preparing two Resource Management Plans (RMP) for isolated tracts of Federal lands (surface tracts) and BLM-administered minerals (oil and gas, coal, phosphate, etc.) in the eleven southeastern states under the jurisdiction of the SSD.

These RMP’s will establish the guidance, objectives, policies, and management actions for lands and minerals under the administration of the BLM and will serve as the analytical basis for making land use decisions.

Various resource issues being addressed in the RMP’s include:
  • Mineral Leasing
  • Land Ownership Adjustments
  • Other resource management concerns, including air quality, soil resources, water resources, vegetative communities, fish and wildlife habitat, special status species, wildland fire ecology and management, cultural resources, visual resources, recreation and travel management, social and economic resources, and hazardous materials.

As part of the plan preparation, a supporting Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is also being prepared. Both the RMP and EIS are being developed concurrently with public participation.

An integral component of the RMP process is public involvement. Throughout the plan development, local interests and residents have opportunities to participate and share their insights and comments.

This website is your source of information for participating in the planning process. The links to the right will take you to the pages containing the latest information on the development of these RMP’s, including background documents, maps, meeting announcements, published bulletins, and other documents.

Southeastern States Resource Management Plan

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area Management Plan

Alabama and Mississippi Resource Management Plan

Florida Resource Management Plan and Record of Decision, 1995