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Natural Resources

Red-cockaded woodpecker at Lathrop BayouFrom scrub habitats in south Florida to cypress swamps in Louisiana, the The Southeastern States District Natural Resource Program manages a variety of habitats unique in BLM. For example, at Lathrop Bayou in northwest Florida, we are working with private landowners to manage a relic longleaf pine flatwood that supports breeding red-cockaded woodpeckers and 13 Federally and State listed-plant species. Prescribed burns and careful hand thinning of encroaching slash pine is improving habitat for these species. Artificial cavities have been installed at Lathrop Bayou to provide additional nesting and roosting opportunities for the red-cockaded woodpeckers. 

Perforate lichen at Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural AreaIn south Florida, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area was established in May 2008. This site is managed to benefit Federally listed perforate lichen, four-petal pawpaw, and Florida scrub jay, plus a host of other endemic plant and animals. Past actions have included the construction of a tidal wetland, removal of thousands of exotic Brazilian pepper and Australian pine, and three prescribed burns. The Federally listed West Indian manatee is found in the waters comprising the eastern and southern boundaries.