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Research and Environmental Education
Research and Environmental Education   
The Jupiter Inlet Outstanding Natural Area provides an opportunity for biological research of upland scrub and wetland communities. Archeological excavations continue to provide new insights into past uses of this strategically located property. 
The Jupiter Inlet Outstanding Natural Area has served as an outdoor classroom for the Jupiter High School’s Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy (ERFSA) for the last ten years. The site provides an excellent location for students to learn field techniques in a natural setting. Past senior projects have included mapping of gopher tortoise burrows, monitoring sand pine recruitment in burn blocks, and species diversity in the tidal lagoon.
Key Past Actions:
  • ERFSA works at Jupiter Inlet and across the County supporting environmental projects with Palm Beach County, South Florida Water Management District and others.
  • BLM has worked cooperatively with ERFSA over the last 10 years providing equipment and support for field related work at Jupiter Inlet.
  • 2008 will be the twelfth annual National Public Lands Day event at Jupiter Inlet. This volunteer event encourages the local public to “give back” to public lands across the nation.
  • Key populations of special status species continue to be monitored, including gopher tortoise and special status plants. The four-petal pawpaw population is being studied to identify genetic variability and techniques to augment Jupiter Inlet’s population of this endangered plant.