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Documents & Reports 
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To learn more about ANCSA 17 d-1 withdrawals, please read this 2006 report to Congress

NOTE: The 1981, 1983, 1986, 2005 management plans, and Public Scoping Topic posters below are not fully Section 508 compliant. If you need help using the data or information here, please contact the BLM Anchorage Field Office at 907-267-1246 and we will assist you.
1. Scoping Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Meeting Guide 11/05/2013 02-BSWI_Scoping_Meeting_Guide-FINAL.pdf (408 KB) 
Issues to Consider 11/05/2013 03-BSWI_Scoping_Issues_to_Consider-FINAL.pdf (403 KB) 
Planning Criteria to Consider 11/05/2013 04-BSWI_Scoping_Planning_Criteria-508-FINAL.pdf (394 KB) 
Social and Economic Considerations 11/05/2013 07-BSWI_Scoping_Social_Economics-508-FINAL.pdf (372 KB) 
Public Scoping Meeting Presentation 11/18/2013 BSWI_Scoping_Powerpoint_508_Compliant_FINAL_11_18_13.pdf (1261 KB) 
2. Community Meeting Issue Summaries
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Anchorage 12/11/2013 AR_2013_12_4_Anchorage_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (165 KB) 
Aniak 12/10/2013 AR_2013_11_19_Aniak_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (141 KB) 
Bethel 12/10/2013 AR_2013_11_20_Bethel_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (128 KB) 
Chuathbaluk 12/10/2013 AR_2013_11_21_Chuathbaluk_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (141 KB) 
Crooked Creek 01/07/2014 AR_2013_12_05_Crooked_Creek_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (128 KB) 
Grayling 12/30/2013 AR_2013_12_17_Grayling_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (132 KB) 
Holy Cross 12/30/2013 AR_2013_12_18_HolyCross_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (145 KB) 
Kalskag 11/05/2013 AR_2013_11_12_Kalskag_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (127 KB) 
McGrath 01/10/2014 AR_2014_01_10_McGrath_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (128 KB) 
Russian Mission 12/30/2013 AR_2013_12_19_RussianMission_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (156 KB) 
Unalakleet 12/10/2013 AR_2013_11_22_Unalakleet_Scoping_Issues-FINAL.pdf (156 KB) 
3. Scoping Topic Posters
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Introduction 11/15/2013 BSWI_intro_FINAL.pdf (7308 KB) 
Desired Future Resource Conditions 11/15/2013 BSWI_DesiredFuture_FINAL.pdf (11573 KB) 
Mineral Potential 11/15/2013 BSWI_MineralPotential_FINAL.pdf (7669 KB) 
Subsistence 11/15/2013 BSWI_Subsistence_FINAL.pdf (8327 KB) 
Lands and Realty 11/15/2013 BSWI_LandsReal_FINAL.pdf (6314 KB) 
Special Designations 11/15/2013 BSWI_SpecialDesignations_FINAL.pdf (5912 KB) 
4. Mineral Occurence and Development Potential Report: Locatable and Salable
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Locatable and Salable Mineral Potential Report 07/18/2013 Mineral Occurence and Development Potential Report for BSWI Locatable & Salable Minerals (not Leaseables).pdf (34925 KB) 
5. RMP Preparation Plan Analysis
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Preparation Plan Analysis Report 07/18/2013 BSWI_RMP_Preparation_Plan_7-18-2013.pdf (2893 KB) 
6. Existing BLM Land Management Plans for BSWI Plan Area
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Southwest Planning Area Unit Resource Analysis, 1981 01/27/2014 Southwest Planning Area Unit Resource Analysis, 1981.pdf (9886 KB) 
Southwest Planning Area Analysis, 1981 01/27/2014 Southwest Planning Area Analysis, 1981.pdf (2325 KB) 
1981 Southwest Management Framework Plan Decisions 07/18/2013 Southwest Management Framework Plan Nov 1981.pdf (9871 KB) 
1983 Unalakleet National Wild River River Management Plan October 12/06/2013 Unalakleet National Wild River River Management Plan October 1983.pdf (8139 KB) 
1986 Central Yukon RMP 07/18/2013 CY_RMP_ROD.pdf (43983 KB) 
1986 Iditarod National Historic Trail Comprehensive Management Plan 11/19/2013 INHT_Comprehensive_Management_Plan.pdf (13592 KB) 
Upper Kuskokwim Resource Management Area, 1988 01/27/2014 Upper Kuskokwim Resource Management Area, 1988.pdf (526 KB) 
2005 Wildfire and Fuels Management for Alaska 11/07/2013 2005 Wildfire and Fuels Management for Alaska.pdf (5724 KB) 
7. Miscellaneous Studies and Reports
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
BSWI RMP Information as of July 2013 07/18/2013 BSWI RMP Information.pdf (378 KB) 
RMP Schedule 07/18/2013 BSWI_schedule_graphic.pdf (169 KB) 
UAF 2011 BSWI Iditarod National Historic Trail Travel Analysis 07/18/2013 Fix_FINAL Report INHT (December 2011).pdf (1608 KB) 
UAF 2011 BSWI Land Use Study 07/18/2013 Lingle_Fix_ BSWI_final_report_12-28-2011.pdf (7617 KB) 
8. Notice of Intent
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Notice of Intent 07/18/2013 2013-07-18_FRN_NOI_BSWI_RMP.pdf (202 KB) 
9. Public Meeting Presentation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Anchorage Public Meeting Presentation 12/04/2013 Anchorage Combined BSWI-CY RMP Presentation.pdf (5362 KB)