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Documents & Reports 
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Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Eastern Interior Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement 02/24/2012 Interactive Document for interactive_final DEIS_final_webPDF (21780 KB) 
Hardrock Mineral Leasing in the White Mountains National Recreation Area: Supplement to the Eastern Interior Draft RMP/EIS 01/11/2013 Interactive Document for WMNRA_Supplement_Public_interactive_Final_corrected Supplement Final Public Web PDF (8090 KB) 
Draft RMP/EIS Summaries
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Summary Fortymile Subunit: Eastern Interior Draft RMP/EIS 03/22/2012 Summary_fortymile_final_web (1521 KB) 
Summary Upper Black River Subunit: Eastern Interior RMP/EIS 03/22/2012 Summary_UBR_final_web (1080 KB) 
Summary White Mountains Subunit: Eastern Interior RMP/EIS 03/22/2012 Summary_WMNRA_final_web (1509 KB) 
Summary Steese Subunit: Eastern Interior RMP/EIS 03/22/2012 Summary_steese_final_web (1603 KB) 
Existing Plans and Background Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Record of Decision, Steese National Conservation Area RMP 02/02/1986 SteeseNCA_ROD_1986.pdf (180 KB) 
Fortymile Management Framework Plan Summary 09/08/1980 Fortymile_MFP_1980.pdf (87 KB) 
Map Steese ROD 02/02/1986 map_steese_ROD.pdf (1437 KB) 
Record of Decision, White Mountains National Recreation Area RMP 02/02/1986 WMNRA_ROD_1986.pdf (161 KB) 
Map White Mountains ROD 02/02/1986 map_WMNRA_ROD.pdf (1675 KB) 
How to Comment on Interactive Document
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Short Guide to Using ePlanning to Comment 02/24/2012 commentingoninteractivedocument.pdf (758 KB) 
How to Comment Online 02/24/2012 How to Comment on the Eastern Interior RMP Online_Web version_02222012.pdf (204 KB) 
Management Situation Analysis
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Analysis of Management Situation 09/03/2009 Interactive Document for AMS Interactive 090109 AMS PDF 3 sept 2009 (3293 KB) 
Projected Climate Change Scenarios for the Eastern Interior Management Area 10/16/2009 Eastern_Interior_Management_Area (EIMA)_Climate_Change_508.pdf (6572 KB) 
Mineral Reports
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Leasable Mineral Occurrence and Development Potential Report 09/01/2009 mor40609_leasable_final-web.pdf (6821 KB) 
Locatable Mineral Occurance and Development Potential Report 08/31/2012 EIRMP_MOR_Aug2012_508.pdf (978 KB) 
Public Meeting Posters Compliant
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
ACEC_poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 ACEC_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (125 KB) 
Wilderness_Characteristics_Wild_Scenic_Rivers_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 WC_WSR_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (127 KB) 
Fortymile_Minerals_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 Fortymile_minerals_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (576 KB) 
Fortymile_Travel_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 Fortymile_travel_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (294 KB) 
Steese_Minerals_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 Steese_minerals_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (292 KB) 
Steese_Travel_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 Steese_travel_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (263 KB) 
UBR_Minerals_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 UBR_minerals_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (677 KB) 
UBR_Travel_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 UBR_travel_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (395 KB) 
White_Mts_Travel_Poster_EIRMP 06/27/2012 WM_travel_poster_text_EIRMP.pdf (265 KB) 
Public Meeting Posters Non-compliant
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
ACEC_poster 08/28/2012 ACEC_poster_EIRMP.pdf (948 KB) 
Fortymile Travel Poster 08/28/2012 Fortymile_travel_poster_EIRMP.pdf (681 KB) 
Fortymile Minerals Poster 08/28/2012 Fortymile_minerals_poster_EIRMP.pdf (1023 KB) 
Steese Minerals Poster 08/28/2012 Steese_minerals_poster_EIRMP.pdf (548 KB) 
Steese Travel Poster 08/28/2012 Steese_travel_poster_EIRMP.pdf (894 KB) 
Upper Black River Minerals Poster 08/28/2012 UBR_minerals_poster_EIRMP.pdf (1119 KB) 
Upper Black River Travel Poster 08/28/2012 UBR_travel_poster_EIRMP.pdf (1215 KB) 
Wilderness Characteristics and Wild and Scenic Rivers Poster 08/28/2012 WC_WSR_poster_EIRMP.pdf (634 KB) 
White Mountains Travel Poster 08/28/2012 WM_travel_poster_EIRMP.pdf (1579 KB) 
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Public Scoping Report Eastern Interior Resource Mangement Plan 12/31/2008 EIRMP_scoping_report_web.pdf (2116 KB) 
Notice of Intent 02/29/2008 EI_Fed_Reg_Notice_022908.pdf (58 KB) 
Scoping Map 1.1 12/31/2008 scoping_map_1.1_11x17_land_status.pdf (928 KB) 
Scoping Map 1.2 12/31/2008 scoping_map_1.2_11x17_Doyon_priorities.pdf (1047 KB) 
Anchorage Scoping Meeting Summary 04/10/2008 EIRMP_anc_scoping.pdf (82 KB) 
Central Scoping Meeting Summary 05/22/2008 EIRMP central scoping.pdf (75 KB) 
Chalkyitsik Scoping Meeting Summary 05/20/2008 EIRMP_chalk_scoping.pdf (98 KB) 
Chicken Scoping Meeting Summary 06/24/2008 EIRMP_chicken_scoping.pdf (80 KB) 
Delta Scoping Meeting Summary 04/17/2008 EIRMP_delta_scoping.pdf (65 KB) 
Eagle Scoping Meeting Summary 05/08/2008 EIRMP_eagle_scoping.pdf (91 KB) 
Fairbanks Scoping Meeting Summary 04/22/2008 EIRMP_fai_scoping.pdf (101 KB) 
Tok Scoping Meeting Summary 04/16/2008 EIRMP_tok_scoping.pdf (84 KB) 
Wilderness Characteristics Inventory
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Wilderness Characteristics Inventory: Eastern Interior Resource Management Plan 03/14/2012 Interactive Document for EIRMP_WC_inventory_final_interactive EIRMP_WC_inventory_final_web (3897 KB)