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BLM will, based on the results of the EPCA evaluation, review lands status and lease stipulations. All changes will be considered with full public consultation through the land use planning process, especially with the people in the region.

A final report on EPCA phase 1) Integration Final Report was issued in August 2004 based on submission in response to the initial and final reporting dates for the EPCA basins. For land use planning, three Time Sensitive Plans (TSPs) have been completed and Records of Decision (RODs) issued within the Focus Areas (Powder River Amendments for Wyoming and Montana and the Farmington RMP. There are a number of ongoing plans as well as plans that are scheduled to begin in the near future with the EPCA basins. In a review of stipulation effectiveness, all states have proposed some form of formal, interdisciplinary, statewide stipulation reviews. Each state has approached this somewhat differently and with varying degrees of effort. The Washington Office is encouraging states to have uniform, consistent statewide stipulations rather than field office-specific stipulations to the extent possible. Also considered were tribal consultations as well as outreach and inreach efforts in the report. The recommendation made was that once the states complete their stipulation reviews, the Washington Office should plan and facilitate a follow up national workshop to address consistency and effectiveness issues that are common to most or all states.

In the course of this study, three Instructional Memoranda (IMs) were released:
IM No. 2003-137 – Integration of the EPCA Inventory Results into Land Use Planning and Energy Use Authorization

IM No. 2003-233 – Integration of the Energy and Conservation DD12/31/2003 – 6/30/2004 Act (EPCA) Inventory Results into the Land Use Planning Process

IM No. 2003-234 – Integration of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) Inventory Results into Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Use Authorizations

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