EPCA Report

This report, the Scientific Inventory of Onshore Federal Lands Oil and Gas Resources and Reserves and the Extent and Nature of Restrictions or Impediments to Their Development, evaluates the five areas in the West that contain the bulk of the natural gas and much of the oil resources under federal ownership in the onshore United States. It examined energy resources located in five major geologic basins in the interior West: the Paradox/San Juan Basins in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico; the Uinta/Piceance Basins in Colorado and Utah; the Greater Green River Basin in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah; the Powder River Basin in Montana and Wyoming; and the Montana Thrust Belt in Montana. These five basins encompass nearly 104 million acres of the interior West, of which 59 million acres are managed by the federal government. The inventory includes lands managed by all federal agencies, as well as privately owned lands where the federal government owns the subsurface minerals. The report provides estimates of oil and gas resources and reserves beneath the five basins and an inventory of the extent and nature of limitations to development. The report does not make any policy recommendations in response to its findings.

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