Alpine Satellite Development Plan
Final Environmental Impact Statement
Volume 3: Figures, Index, Bibliography, and Appendices

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Index (131 KB)

Bibliography (433 KB)

Appendices Appendix A Technical Report - Public Testimony/Traditional Knowledge by Resource (601 KB)
Appendix B ANILCA Section 810 Analysis of Subsistence Impacts (266 KB)
Appendix C Federal and State Laws, Regulations and Policies Applicable to the ASDP (143 KB)
Appendix D Northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska IAP/EIS ROD (575 KB)
Appendix E BLM Sensitive Species List for Alaska (99 KB)
Appendix F National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Report to the Second Session of the Twenty Third Legislature State Fiscal Year 2004 (437 KB)
Appendix G Potential Mitigation Measures for the Agency Preferred Alternative (Alternative F) (153 KB)
Appendix H Scoping Summary Report (1945 KB)
Appendix I CPAI Request for Exception to Stipulations (629 KB)
Appendix J Cost Estimates for Alternatives A, B, C, D, and F (115 KB)
Appendix K Excerpts From North Slope Area-Wide State Oil and Gas Lease Sale Mitigation Measures (102 KB)
Appendix L USACE Public Notice of Application for Permit (4784 KB)
Appendix M Public Notice of Coverage Under the NPDES General Permit to Discharge to Waters of the United States for Facilities Related to the Extraction of Oil and Gas on the North Slope of the Brooks Range, Alaska (AKG-33-0000) (2067 KB)
Appendix N Essential Fish Habitat Assessment for the ASDP (81 KB)
Appendix O Clover Mine Site Rehabilitation Plan (1568 KB)