MCNCA Off-Highway Vehicles

Off-highway Vehicle Travel

Rabbit Valley - 26 miles west of Grand Junction, designated roads and trails only.  Scenic off-highway vehicle routes - Salt Creek Trail, Knowles Canyon overlook.

Roads/trails within McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area (NCA) have travel restrictions.  These travel restrictions are based on the protection of resources on public lands, wildlife habitat and for the promotion of safety by all users.   All areas and roads with travel restrictions will be posted at their entry points.

Trail Etiquette
  • Avoid wet and muddy roads and trails
  • Do not spook or harass wildlife or animals grazing on public lands
  • Leave gates the way you found them

Travel Restrictions

Below is an explanation of the types of travel restrictions you will encounter within McInnis Canyons NCA:

Closed - (no motorized travel allowed)
Limited Use - Designated roads and trails only (routes signed "open" for use only)
Limited Use - Seasonal closure (an entire area or specific roads are closed seasonally)

It is the responsibility of the rider to be aware of any travel restrictions that are in effect for the area they are riding and to abide by those restrictions.

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