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MCNCA Mountain Biking

Designated Trails

Mack Ridge Area  - 12 miles west of Grand Junction, this area is located between Loma, CO and Mack, CO, south of I-70.  Mountain biking in this area consists of the Kokopelli's Trail and it's six loops.

Horsethief Bench - 3.4 mile loop, moderate - strenuous
Lion's Loop - 7.8 miles, strenuous
Mary's Loop - 9.3 miles, moderate
Rustler's Loop - 4 miles, easy
Steve's Loop - 2.9 miles, moderate
Troy Built Loop - 8 miles, strenuous

Kokopelli's Trail - 15 miles west of Grand Junction, 142 miles one way to Moab, Utah, easy to difficult.  Ride an additional 29 miles of trail by taking the side loops, near Grand Junction (Horsethief Bench, Lion's, Mary's, Rustler's Steve's and Troy Built loops).


Motor Assisted Bicycles: The Grand Junction BLM has determined that motor assisted bicycles (electric, gas or diesel) are "motorized vehicles." Use of motor assisted bicycles is only allowed on motorized trails. Please visit the motorized recreation pages for trail information.

Regulations found at 43 CFR 8340.0-5(a) define an "off road vehicle" as "...any motorized vehicle capable of, or designed for, travel on or immediately over land, water, or other natural terrain..." Furthermore, regulations found at 43 CFR 8342.1 direct the BLM to designate routes as either available for or not available for off road (motorized) vehicles.

Since electric assist bikes have a motor, they fit under the definition provided in 43 CFR 8340.0-5(a) as off road (motorized) vehicles. Thus, electric bikes are allowed only on routes designated for off road (motorized) vehicle use and prohibited from routes that have been designated only for non-off road (non-motorized) vehicle use. At this time, there is no other BLM guidance specific to managing electric assist bikes, so the Grand Junction Field Office is managing the use as motorized based on the rationale described above.

Mountain Biking within McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area (NCA) - Within McInnis Canyons NCA,   mountain biking is limited to designated roads and trails.  You will find within a specific area there may be many roads/trails. However, the only ones that may be ridden are the roads/trails designated as "open" to mountain biking



Using Undeveloped Campsites

Be an Ethical Rider - Rules of the Trail