Trail Through Time
ELEVATION CHANGE:  100 ft. (4600' - 4700')

Using Undeveloped Camp Sites

LOCATION:  26 miles west of Grand Junction

LENGTH:  1.5 mile loop 

DIFFICULTY:   Easy to moderate 


FACILITIES:  Restroom  (wheelchair accessible) 

DRINKING WATER:   None.  Plan to pack in 1 gallon per person, per day

DIRECTIONS:   From Grand Junction take I-70 west to Rabbit Valley exit (Exit #2), turn right at the top of the off ramp.  Parking area is straight ahead. 

The Trail Through Time includes an dinosaur quarry (active May - Aug) and interpretive trail. The trail is administered by the Bureau of Land Management and the Museum of Western Colorado.  The quarry appears to have been an ancient watering hole 140 million years ago.  It was visited by thousands of dinosaurs over thousands of years. The list of dinosaurs found at Trail Through Time is quite extensive, Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus Camarasaurus, Ceratosaurus, Allosaurus, Nodosaurus.  During the warmer months you might find paleontologists at work in the quarry.  The best time for visiting the Trail Through Time is spring or fall.  Summers temperatures can reach 100+, with biting gnats and wet winters can cause the trail to be slippery.