MCNCA Camping

Developed Camping

Rabbit Valley -   Twenty-four square mile recreation area.  Three designated campgrounds, with toilets and picnic tables .  Hiking and horseback riding.  Biking and off-highway vehicles on designated trails only.  Cultural and Paleontological resource areas.  RVs and travel trailers not recommended in Castle Rock and Knowles Overlook campsites.  NOTE:  All campgrounds operate on a "first come, first serve basis".  Camping is limited to seven consecutive nights. 

Ruby Horsethief Section of the Colorado River  - Only accessible by river.

Designated-Dispersed Camping

Rabbit Valley - Outside of developed campgrounds, camping is limited to designated dispersed sites.  These sites are shown on the map at the entrance to Rabbit Valley and are signed on the ground by a brown post with a tent symbol.  Firepans and portable toilets are required in designated-dispersed sites.  Collecting firewood is not allowed, and camping is limited to seven consecutive nights.

Dispersed Camping

Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness - 75,550 acres of red rock canyons characterized by the high, east-west trending black ridge, dissected by seven major red rock canyon systems which all drain into the Colorado River which forms much of the northern boundary.  Spring runoff and summer thunderstorms create spectacular waterfalls and plunge pools.  The area contains the second largest concentration of natural arches in the country.  No designated camp sites, try to use preexisting campsites and not create any new disturbances.