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River Etiquette

Although you may find solitude along Colorado's rivers, you will not be alone. Your actions will directly affect the experience of others on the river. And their actions will impact yours. Following a few simple guidelines will help ensure that the journey down Colorado’s beautiful rivers is a positive experience for everyone on the water. 

Respect other boaters by keeping noise at low levels. Most people have come to appreciate the quiet beauty of the area in hopes of escaping from their noisy, urban lives.

Laws can be found here: Colorado  and Utah*
*Please note use of registered boats/motors is allowed. Up running is NOT legal from Westwater to Utah/Colorado State-line.

River Encounters 

Power boaters and floaters share water in some parts of Colorado, including the Ruby Horsetheif, so please be courteous and respectful of each other.

Down-stream drift traffic has the right-of-way, but remember that a jet boat powering through a rapid can't simply stop.
Floaters: Be aware that powerboats can only travel in narrow channels in some sections of river. Even though float boats have the right-of-way in the river, powerboats work hard coming upstream. As a courtesy, pull to one side of the channel, if possible, when you see a powerboat coming and let it by.
Powerboaters: You must also slow to a "no wake" speed at docks and boat landing facilities. Be cautious and courteous when passing other boats, especially when they are moored along shore. Slow down if possible, and give them a wide berth.
Motorized boats must give right-of-way to non-motorized boats, especially when meeting a downriver bound boat. However this rule does not give the non-motorized boat the right to block or hamper the safe passage of a motorized boat, which can only navigate inside the rivers channel. This has especially been a problem when kayaks hold in the main channel or play in the rapid.
When launching or taking your boat out of the water, be courteous. Boat ramps are often the site of conflicts. Space can be limited, so use the boat ramp and staging area, for launching and re-trailering only. After launching your boat, move away from the ramp areas quickly and safely as possible, then ready yourself for your river trip. The same holds true when re-trailering your boat, move away from the ramp area to unload your boat for the trip home.