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NOTE: As you're reading the Proposed RMP on the BLM National Land Use Planning Register (ePlanning) website or on the CD, you can click on any map link in the document to go directly to the map cited in the text.

  • If you have the Proposed RMP on compact disk (CD), the maps are in Appendix R of the document and in a folder on the CD.
  • If you have the printed version of the Proposed RMP, maps are in Appendix R.
  • The links below for Maps N-1a to N-1p will open larger, higher resolution PDF versions of the corresponding comprehensive travel management route maps in the Proposed RMP.
  • The PDF map file "D-E NCA Proposed RMP Travel System" shows seasonal closures.

NOTE: These larger maps can also be found on the CD, on the BLM ePlanning website, and at public libraries in Mesa, Delta, and Montrose Counties (go to the RMP home page for more information about where to obtain a copy of the Proposed RMP).

  • Of special interest: The KMZ map file "D-E NCA Route Designations" in the list of KML links below will allow users to zoom in on one of many thousands of D-E NCA routes then click on the route to see the designation and comments for that route (hover over the route with your mouse pointer until an arrow appears, then click).

Download these files to your desktop then open in Google Earth.

NOTE: Draft RMP maps are also available on the BLM ePlanning website. For maps shown at the Draft RMP open houses in June, 2013, go to the Draft RMP open house Web page on this website.

    D-E NCA Proposed RMP higher resolution PDF maps

The PDF map files below can be opened with Adobe Reader, a free application from


N-1a Alternative A Route Designations

N-1b Alternative B Route Designations

N-1c Alternative C Route Designations

N-1d Alternative D Route Designations

N-1e Alternative E Route Designations

N-1p Proposed Plan Alternative Route Designations

D-E NCA Proposed RMP Travel System

    D-E NCA Proposed RMP KML map files

The interactive KML map files below can be opened in Google Earth, a free application from


D-E NCA Route Designations (interactive)

D-E NCA Areas with Seasonal Closures December 1 to March 31

D-E NCA Boundary

D-E NCA State and Private Lands

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