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Northwest Colorado Site Steward Program

Volunteers Dedicated to Protecting and Preserving Cultural Resources and the Heritage of Northwestern Colorado


The Northwest Colorado Site Steward Program is a newly forming organization of volunteers, sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management, whose members are selected, trained and certified by the State Historic Preservation Office and the Governor's Archaeology Advisory Commission. The chief objective of the Steward program is to report to the land managers destruction or vandalism of prehistoric and historic archaeological and paleontological sites in Northwest Colorado through site monitoring.


Volunteers record rock art 

Purpose of the Steward Program

Site Stewards work toward the following goals:

·         To preserve major prehistoric, historic and paleontological resources for the purposes of conservation, scientific study, and interpretation.

·         To increase public awareness of the significance and value of cultural resources and the damage done by artifact hunters.

·         To discourage site vandalism and the sale and trade of antiquities.

·         To support the adoption and enforcement of national, state, and local preservation laws and regulations.

·         To support and encourage high standards of cultural resource investigation throughout the state.

·         To promote better understanding and cooperation among agencies, organizations, and individuals concerned about the preservation of cultural resources.

·         To enhance the completeness of the statewide archaeological and paleontological inventory.


Site Steward Training

Volunteer training involves 10 hours of classroom instruction and fieldwork. The training sessions typically include antiquity laws, crime scene management, site and feature identification and recording, and mapping. The program seeks volunteers with strong interests in cultural resource conservation who like the outdoors.


Site Steward Opportunities

A Site Steward's primary role is to monitor archaeological and paleontological sites and report any vandalism to the land manager. Stewards make an important contribution to preserving our cultural heritage by working closely with Federal, State, County and Municipal agency archaeologists. The Site Steward Program is designed to meet the interests and skills of the volunteers. Additional opportunities may include:


·         Documenting archaeological and paleontological sites in danger of vandalism, destruction, or deterioration.

·         Documenting and photographing sites not previously recorded.

·         Documenting private artifact collections.

·         Assisting in activities such as surveys, mapping, and rock art recording.

·         Collecting oral histories.

·         Giving educational presentations to increase public awareness about archeology.


State and Federal antiquity laws prohibit damage to archaeological and paleontological sites. Help protect Colorado’s irreplaceable cultural resources by becoming a steward of the past. 


To join this newly forming group contact the WRFO cultural program at (970) 878-3800 for more information.

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