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Rock Art Style Guide

The cultural resources found within the White River Field Office are unique in many ways, not the least of which is the wide diversity of stylizations found in the “rock art” in such a small area. We use the term “style” simply to delineate between the distinct patterns of design elements represented. A high density of variable styles can indicate a few things; perhaps each style represents an individual artist or group, or each style could be indicative of a specific period of time. Only by studying the motifs and elements of each panel both individually and collectively will we be able to tell with any degree of certainty what the abundance translates to. This guide serves as an incomplete compendium of some of the various styles recorded so far. Click a photos or category name to see more examples from the White River Field Office.

Barrier Canyon Style Carrot MenBarrier Canyon Style 


 Ute rider on horseback


Late Formative to Historic


Prehistoric petroglyphs of raised-armed boRecurring Motif I


Fremont shield pictographClassic Vernal Style Fremont



Brand pictograph





Circle bodied anthropomorph with a large flintlockRecurring Motif II


Assortment of lines and irregular shapes




20th century representation of a horse


Late Historic