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Current research projects in the White River Field Office include rock art recording being done by BLM archaeologists in Canyon Pintado Historic District and ongoing work at Eagle Point Rock Shelter by Western Wyoming Community College. Fremont granary



In the summer of 2012 the BLM archaeologists conducted research on Fremont storage granaries in the remote Skull Creek Wilderness Study Area.


Rock Art

Petroglyphs and pictographs are continually at risk of deterioration and destruction by both natural and human causes. The White River Field Office and non-profit research groups are continually working to record these fragile resources, as well as updating and refining the knowledge of rock art styles in the region.



Researchers at Dominguez Anthropological Research Group, supported in part by the BLM, have conducted studies at wikiup sites in Northwest Colorado since 2002, making substantial contributions to our understanding of Ute history. Approaching the subject from an archaeological perspective, the data generated by such researchers will combine with extant oral and written histories to help us all better understand the culture and history of Utes before and during early European contact.