Photograph of Colorado Mountain Range
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Site Etiquette

To preserve our historic legacy for future generations, please leave no trace of your visit. Stay on existing roads and trails. Please avoid picnicking and camping in archaeological sites. Make sure that you pick up and carry out all of your trash.


Volunteers record rock art. 


Rock art sites are common in this area, feel free to sketch or photograph the petroglyphs or pictographs, but do not chalk them or add graffiti to the rock face. Wickiups in the area are often mistaken for deadfall or piles of firewood. Please be aware of your surroundings and never burn wood from archaeological sites.


Leave all artifacts exactly where they were found for others to enjoy.  Artifacts in their original context tell stories about the past. Out of context, artifacts mean little to an archaeologist.


Masonry structures are scattered throughout the region; while some may not look impressive today, never disturb stacks or arrangements of stones you find on public land.


Many of these sites are spiritually significant for Native Americans. Please treat them with respect.


Federal Regulations

The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 and the Antiquities Act of 1906 prohibit anyone from removing or disturbing archaeological sites or artifacts on federal public lands.


Site Stewards

Stewards can provide an on-site presence for remote areas that have experienced increased visitation and the threat of vandalism, please see the site stewards page if you are interested in joining.