Piceance - East Douglas Herd Management Area

Group of horses in PEDHMA 

Environmental Assessments

FY 2015

FY 2011

DOI-BLM-CO-110-2011-0058-EA (Final EA, FONSI, and Decision Record)

 DOI-BLM-CO-110-2011-0058-EA  Preliminary Environmental Assessment

Reference Documents

2006 - Genetic Analysis of the Piceance-East Douglas HMA, CO

2003 - Genetic Analysis of three populations of the feral horses of the Piceance CO HMA

1995 - Genetic analysis of the feral horses of the White River Resource Area of Colorado

1993 - Genetic analysis of the Barcus Creek wild horse population

Previous Environmental Assessments

 DOI-BLM-CO-110-2010-0089 Final EA

CO-110-2006-030-EA Final 

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