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Onshore Oil and Gas Order No. 1

   The Gold Book


2007 Gold Book (4th Edition)  The publication Surface Operating Standards and Guidelines for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development (commonly referred to as The Gold Book) was developed to aid the operator in permit approval and conduct oil and gas operations from exploration to development and production, to abandonment.  Information is provided for preparation of surface use and drilling programs.  In 2007 the Gold Book was updated to incorporate changes resulting from the new Onshore Oil and Gas Order No. 1 regulations.


BLM Road Manual

9113 Roads Manual (June 1985) (pdf-4.7 mb)  This manual provides BLM road construction standards.

H-9113-1  Guidelines for Determination of Curve Widening

H-9113-2  Roads--Inventory and Maintenance 


Split Estate Brochures

Split Estate: Rights, Responsibilities, and Opportunities (2007)

Split Estate: Cultural Resource Requirements on Private Surface-Federal Minerals for Oil and Gas Development (2008)




Photograph of Wilson Creek Oil Field

Wilson Creek Oil Field

Engineering Manuals


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