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WRFO Volunteers Beautify the LandscapeTypical BLM Volunteer Opportunities
- Trail construction and maintenance
- Wild horse range patrols and horse gathers
- Cultural resources data collection and monitoring
- Wilderness/Wilderness Study Area patrols
- Invasive weed removal/spraying
- Office support
- Recreation facility maintenance
- Adopt-a-Trail
- Trash clean-up
Applying and Registering for Opportunities
Each year, volunteers contribute hundreds of hours of their time and talent to projects throughout the White River Field Office. Many BLM projects and tasks are accomplished only through the efforts and resources provided by our dedicated volunteers and partners. Volunteering is a great way to get involved in public lands stewardship.
No matter what your background, age, ability, or interest, thereWRFO Volunteers Build the Trail Loop at E. Four-Mile Draw are opportunities for you to become a BLM volunteer. You can work individually or as part of a group. Projects range from short-term, one-day adventures to season-long commitments.
If you have an idea for a volunteer project, or a way that you might be able to help, please fill out a BLM volunteer application  and email it to Aaron Grimes, Volunteer Coordinator at
Getting Started
Volunteer Handbook: The BLM has produced an excellent guide explaining the ins and outs of volunteering with the BLM. You can view a copy online  or stop by the BLM office and pick up a hard copy.
Volunteer Requirements
Volunteer Agreements:  All individual BLM volunteers are required to complete and sign a Volunteer Services Agreement. Members of groups volunteering for the BLM may be covered by a group agreement.  These agreements are signed by the volunteer or group representative and a BLM official. The form asks for the volunteer’s contact information and describes the volunteer project, duties and supervision. The volunteer agreement also provides tort claim protection and workmen’s compensation benefits for volunteer work-related incidents. Agreements for volunteers under the age of 18 must also have the signature of a parent or guardian. Volunteer agreements are renewed annually.
Background Checks:  Some volunteer positions requiring government computer or building access may require a background check.
Safety: Safety is always first!  All volunteers are required to have appropriate training and wear the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to perform their work.
Reporting hours:  Volunteers are required to report the hours they donate to the BLM.  This information helps us document the important contribution that volunteers make to public lands stewardship.
Reimbursement:  In some cases, temporary housing, a modest daily stipend, and/or vehicle mileage may be available to volunteers. In most cases, the BLM will provide equipment, supplies, and training.
For more information about our volunteer program, contact: Aaron Grimes, Volunteer Coordinator: 970-878-3837 or email