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Special Recreation Permits (SRP) are required for a variety of recreation activities on BLM public lands. They are used to ensure public health and safety, protect recreation and natural resources, and ensure the public receives a fair monetary return for certain recreation uses of BLM public lands.

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 Application, Policies, and Forms

BLM White River Field Office- 2014 Special Recreation Permit Policy (Word)

BLM Colorado- 2014 Special Recreation Permit Handbook (PDF)

SRP Application Form (PDF)

SRP Operating Plan (Word)

BLM Colorado-Standard Terms, Conditions and Stipulations (Word)

BLM Colorado-Additional Stipulations for Competitive and OHV events (Word)

Discount request and no change form (Word)

Annual Renewal Checklist (Word)

Brochure Req.  (Word)

Post Use Forms (Word)

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