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Scenic BywayThe Bureau of Land Management is one of several agencies responsible for managing National Scenic and Historic Trails. In 1968, Congress established the National Trails System and designated the first national trails.
National Historic Trails are extended trails that closely follow a historic trail or route of travel of national significance. Designation identifies and protects historic routes, historic remnants, and artifacts for public use and enjoyment. The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for more than 5,342 miles of 10 National Historic Trails.

The White River Field Office is home to portions of two Scenic byways, the Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway and the Flattops Scenic Byway:

Dinosaur Diamond MapThe Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway
States: Colorado and Utah
Length: 480.0 mi / 772.5 km
Time to Allow: Take 10 hours to drive or 10 days to enjoy the byway.
The Dinosaur Diamond runs through the best land in the world to learn about dinosaurs. Numerous sites are available to the public where bones and tracks are still visible in the ground. Many museums along the way add to the opportunities to see and learn about dinosaurs.

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Flattops Byway MapThe Flattops Scenic Byway
National Forest: White River National Forest
Length: 82.0 mi / 132.0 km
Time to Allow: 2.5 hours
This byway cuts through the heart of the original White River Plateau Timberland Reserve, set aside in the late 19th century as the second unit of what eventually became the National Forest system. Two decades later, in a foreshadowing of the 1964 Wilderness Act, development of any kind was banned around Trapper's Lake (the "Cradle of Wilderness"). The area's long-standing history of preservation and multiple-use land management makes for pristine scenery and superlative wildlife viewing. Yet this remains very much a "working" byway, dotted with active mines, ranches, and timber-producing woodlands. Meeker and Yampa, the route's two endpoints, embody the rugged individualism that lies at the heart of western lore.

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