Inventory of Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

In accordance with the Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA), through the land use planning process, the BLM is required to consider all available information in order to determine the mix of resource uses and protection that best serves the multiple-use and sustained-yield mandate. Under the FLPMA, the BLM has numerous authorities requiring the agency to maintain inventories of all public lands and their resources, including wilderness characteristics, and to consider such information during the land use planning process. Consistent with Section 201 of the FLPMA, which requires the Secretary of the Interior to "prepare and maintain on a continuing basis an inventory of all public lands and their resource and other values," and the BLM Land Use Planning Handbook, the BLM-White River Field Office (WRFO) has identified and completed an assessment of BLM-managed lands with wilderness characteristics outside of existing Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs). BLM Manual 6310 - Conducting Wilderness Characteristics Inventory on BLM Lands, provides the guidance from which WRFO performed the wilderness characteristic inventory process.

 LWC Overview Materials

LWC Overview Map

WRFO LWC Inventory Process and background

2011 WRFO LWC Inventory Overview

2012 WRFO LWC Inventory Overview 

2013 WRFO LWC Inventory Overview

BLM Manual 6310-Conducting Wilderness Characteristics Inventory on BLM Lands


LWC Inventories and Maps
LWC InventoriesLWC Maps     
LWC 1 Pike Ridge-14,500 acresLWC 1 Pike Ridge Map
LWC 2 Whiskey Creek-5,200 acresLWC 2 Whiskey Creek Map
LWC 3 Brushy Point-11,500 acresLWC 3 Brushy Point Map
LWC 4 Texas Mountain-15,600 acresLWC 4 Texas Mountain Map
LWC 5 Galloway Gulch-5,200 acresLWC 5 Galloway Gulch Map
LWC 6 (6A, 6B, 6C, 6D) Rat Hole Ridge-4,100 acresLWC 6 Rat Hole Ridge Map
LWC 7 Bluejay Creek-9,900 acresLWC 7 Bluejay Creek Map
LWC 8 Ernie Howard Gulch-6,400 acresLWC 8 Ernie Howard Gulch Map
LWC 10 Shavetail Wash-15,200 acresLWC 10 Shavetail Wash Map
LWC 11 Barcus Creek-12,300 acresLWC 11 Barcus Creek Map
LWC 13 Blair Mountain/Greasewood-36,900 acresLWC 13 Blair Mountain/Greasewood Map
LWC 15 Hammond Draw-6,100 acresLWC 15 Hammond Draw Map
LWC 16 Raven Ridge-5,800 acresLWC 16-Raven Ridge Map
LWC 17 Boise Creek-7,100 acresLWC 17 Boise Creek Map
LWC 18 Coal Oil Rim-3,300 acresLWC 18 Coal Oil Rim Map
LWC 19 North Colorow-10,800 acresLWC 19 North Colorow Map 
LWC 20 Upper Coal Oil Rim-13,700 acresLWC 20 Upper Coal Oil Rim Map
LWC 21 Coal Ridge-9,000 acresLWC 21 Coal Ridge Map
LWC 22 Coal Oil Gulch-13,000 acresLWC 22 Coal Oil Gulch Map
LWC 24 Pinto Gulch-5,000 acresLWC 24 Pinto Gulch Map
LWC 25 Lower Wolf Creek-11,600 acres LWC 25 Lower Wolf Creek Map
LWC 26 Moosehead Mountain-7,800 acresLWC 26 Moosehead Mountain Map
LWC 27 MF Mountain-9,000 acres LWC 27 MF Mountain Map 
LWC 28 Evacuation Ridge-6,700 acresLWC 28 Evacuation Ridge Map
LWC 29 Big Ridge-24,900 acresLWC 29 Big Ridge Map
LWC 30 Banta Ridge-6,400 acresLWC 30 Banta Ridge Map
LWC 31 Gillonsite Hills-11,900 acresLWC 31 Gillsonite Hills Map
LWC 32 Willow Creek WSA adjacent-5,900 acresLWC 32 Willow Creek WSA adjacent Map
LWC 33 Bull Canyon WSA adjacent South-700 acresLWC 33 Bull Canyon WSA adjacent South Map
LWC 34 Bull Canyon WSA adjacent North-1,100 acresLWC 34 Bull Canyon WSA adjacent North Map
LWC 35 Oil Spring Mountain WSA adjacent-8,200 acresLWC 35 Oil Spring Mountain WSA adjacent Map