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Plant Communities of the Uncompahgre Field Office
Pinon-Juniper (PJ)Varying densities of PJ, understory of sagebrush at lower elevations, some mix with Ponderosa Pine at higher elevations.
view of sparse pinon-juniper-shrub-rock plant community in Gunnison GorgeSparse PJ-Shrub-Rock Mix - Cover of less than 25% PJ, often located on canyon sides with lots of exposed rock and scattered sagebrush.
PJ-Mountain Shrub Mix PJ mixed with mostly Gambel Oak, but includes serviceberry and mountain mahogany.
Salt Desert ShrubCommunities dominated by saltbrush and other species tolerant of saline soils and low moisture availability.
view of sagebrush community in western Montrose CountySagebrush - Sagebrush parks with varying densities of grass intermixed; saltbush present on alkaline sites.
view of riparian community along San Miguel RiverRiparian - A mixture of cottonwood, willow, sedges along river corridors.
Grass/Forb RangelandBrome and bluegrass species dominant, others present; rabbitbrush patchy but thick in some areas.
view of rock and talus slopes along the Gunnison RiverRock and Talus Slopes - Less than 10% vegetation, often steep, dry slopes.
barren "dobe" hills north of DeltaBarren - Soil sites with less than 10% vegetation, often steep south facing slopes on shale soils.
Mountain Shrub MixPredominantly Gambel Oak, some mixture with serviceberry at the lower elevations and Mountain Mahogany at the higher elevations.
Ponderosa Pine/Gambel OakOpen Pine-Oak association with grass understory.
Ponderosa PineThick or park like stands.
AspenAspen stands with grass and snowberry understory.
Englemann Spruce/Fir MixUsually dense patches of spruce/fir, with varying amounts of several spruce-fir species, some Douglas Fir at lower elevations.
Spruce/Fir/Aspen MixForested sites that have a mixture of spruce or fir intermixed with aspen.
Alpine MeadowDominated by alpine forbs, some grasses.

This information was derived from the Southwestern Colorado Interagency LANDSAT Vegetation Mapping Project.