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In September 2010, the Uncompahgre Field Office received approval from the Interior Board of Land Appeals to move forward with implementation of the Dry Creek Travel Management Plan.

Plan Implementation

Visit the Buzzard Gulch Trail System page to read about one of the most exciting developments resulting from implementation of the Dry Creek Travel Management Plan.

2011 Field Season

The 2011 Field Season proved to be very productive for the implementation of the Dry Creek Travel Plan.  The following are some of the season highlights:

In the spring, the Montrose Off-Highway (OHV) crew continued to sign routes with the appropriate travel uses where we left off last year, on the north side of Transfer Road working north towards 25 Mesa Road.  The route signing will be completed in the early part of the 2012 field season.  The sign project is one of the most important priorities during the early stages of implementation of this travel plan.  We have begun to install trail limiters that will prevent ATV use on single-tracks and full-size vehicles on ATV trails.  The wooden post limiters will eventually be replaced with steel limiters as funding allows.

The Western Colorado Conservation Corps worked with the Montrose OHV Crew for two weeks in June.  The group worked in Dry Creek, dragging dead trees to physically close routes that have been designated closed in the travel plan.  They also cleaned up trash, targets, and spent ammo at Hole in the Rock shooting area, and helped to re-route a poor section of trail.

On National Public Lands Day, nearly 40 volunteers representing bicycle, motorized, and environmental interest groups, came out to help restore a riparian area on the banks of Dry Creek.  A fence was constructed to protect the area, native shrubs and grass seeds were planted, and everyone enjoyed a beautiful day in Dry Creek.

In the fall, the State OHV Crew came for a week to help add a switchback to the Lower Spring Creek Trail off of Dave Wood Road.  The old alignment went straight down and was difficult to travel whether on a dirt-bike or just walking.  A switchback was constructed to decrease the length of fall line trail, to reduce erosion, and to improve rideability for motorized single-track users.  The first switch-back that was difficult to negotiate on a dirt bike was re-constructed by the Montrose OHV Crew after the State Crew left and now rides very nicely.  The State and Montrose OHV crews are funded by the Colorado OHV Registration Program.

In late November, the BLM bulldozer was able to spend a week in the Dry Creek area physically closing the routes that were designated for closure in the Dry Creek Travel Plan.  The dozer obliterated closed routes off of Transfer Road, Highway 90, and Dave Wood Road.  The reclaimed roads totaled 7.5 acres and have been re-seeded with native species.  (12/2011) 


Planning Documents

Signed Decision Record for Implementation Actions (12/2009) 1.09MB

Signed Decision Record for Resource Management Plan Amendment (12/2009)

Temporary Route Closure Notice & Maps - Effective 1/3/2007


Public Protest Period (May 11 - June 12, 2009)

Director's Protest Resolution Report (11/2009)

Protest Letter 

Environmental Assessment Decision Record - Includes Protest Procedures and Form

Resource Management Plan Amendment/Environmental Assessment (5.1 MB)

Finding of No Significant Impact 


December 2008 Public Comment Period

December 2008 Public Letter

December 2008 Public Comment Form

Draft Resource Management Plan Amendment/Environmental Assessment (5 MB)

Finding of No Significant Impact (unsigned)


November 2007 Public Comment Period


Background Documents and Public Scoping (March 2007)

Federal Register Notice of Intent To Amend Uncompahgre Basin and San Juan/San Miguel Resource Management Plans and Prepare the Dry Creek Comprehensive Travel Management Plan, Colorado

BLM NEWS RELEASE (3/8/2007) - Notice of Intent initiated for BLM Travel Management Plan

Buzzard Gulch Trail System


Highway 90 to Rim Road (12/1 - 4/15)
Ben Lowe and Transfer Roads (12/1 - 3/31)


Dave Wood Rd to Hwy 90 Map

Dave Wood Rd to Highway 90


Hwy 90 to Transfer Rd Map

Highway 90 to Transfer Road


Transfer Rd to 25 Mesa Rd Map

Transfer Rd to 25 Mesa Rd


Rock Crawling and Technical Routes

Rock Crawling and Technical Routes

Scratch & Dent and Calamity Route Signs
Dry Creek Trailhead


Teresa Pfifer, Acting Field Manager

2465 S. Townsend Ave, Montrose, CO  81401
Phone: (970) 240-5300  |  TDD: (970) 240-5366  |  FAX: (970) 240-5367
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

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