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Recreation: Off-Highway Vehicles



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An off-highway vehicle can be a great way to experience your public lands!  Whatever your preferred form of motorized recreation—full-size four-wheel drive, dirt bike, ATV, or UTV—there’s plenty to explore within the Uncompahgre Field Office.  In much of the field office, motorized travel is limited to existing or designated routes.  Designated routes are well marked and provide a quality riding experience for those seeking solitude and scenery.  In some areas, seasonal restrictions and road closures help protect sensitive resources, including wildlife and watersheds.  Please check maps and restrictions before you go.

Whether you ride for fun, use an OHV to transport game, or ride to experience the magnificent scenery of southwestern Colorado, make it your goal to stay on existing routes.  The UFO has routes to suit every skill level and type of vehicle.  If a route proves too difficult, help do your part to protect resources by turning around.  As a responsible OHV user, it's important to know the rules before you ride.  Drop by the Montrose Public Lands Center and we'll be glad to get you on the right road.

TREAD LIGHTLY while enjoying your public lands!

Public lands are our heritage—along with the privilege of recreating on the land, comes a responsibility to protect it for the use and enjoyment of all visitors.  The next time that you ride, remember to:

  • Respect private property and know the boundaries and lay of the land.
  • Share the trail with all users, including hikers, horseback riders, bikers, and OHV users of all kinds.
  • Expect and be prepared for common trail hazards such as blind curves, steep hills, rocks, and deep arroyos.

BLM OHV crews work closely with local user groups to repair trail damage, address user conflicts, and educate all visitors about responsible use.  The best way to ensure your privilege to ride on public lands is to ride responsibly and show respect to all users. 


BLM Off-Highway Vehicle Designations

Off-highway vehicle (OHV) designations on BLM-administered public lands are made through the land use planning process.  The BLM designates areas as either open, limited, or closed to OHV use.  Be sure to check with local BLM offices to determine which areas are available for OHV use.

Open - Off-road use is allowed, as long as it does not result in significant, undue damage to or disturbance of soil, wildlife, wildlife habitat, improvements, cultural, or vegetative resources, or other authorized uses of the public lands.

Limited - Vehicle use is restricted as defined in the appropriate land use plan. Limitations could include such designations as "limited to existing roads and trails," "limited to designated roads and trails," or seasonal limitations such as "no vehicle use during elk calving season").

Closed - Motorized vehicle use is not allowed.

Link to North Delta OHV Open Area PDF

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Learn How You Can Help Preserve OHV Opportunities...

North Delta OHV Open Area

Elephant Skin Area

Flat Top/Peach Valley Trail Brochure

Colorado OHV Registration

 Ride on Designated Routes


·        All OHVs (including out-of-state vehicles) operating on public lands must be registered.  Register at any Colorado state park and most OHV dealerships or via the web at:

·        Registration decals must be properly affixed to OHVs and operators must carry a current registration card.

·         All OHVs must have good brakes and an approved spark arrestor.

·         All riders under age 18 are required to wear helmets.  Helmets are highly recommended for motorcycle and ATV riders over 18 as well.

·         All motorcycle and ATV riders are required to wear eye protection.

·         Headlights and taillights must be used when operating an OHV from 1/2-hour after sunset to 1/2-hour before sunrise.

Teresa Pfifer, Acting Field Manager

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