Inventory of Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

As part of BLM's requirement to maintain an updated inventory of lands with wilderness characteristics, the San Luis Valley Field Office assessed public lands within the Field Office in 2012 to determine whether wilderness characteristics are present outside of existing wilderness study areas (WSAs), and the congressionally-designated Rio Grande Natural Area. The BLM reviewed its original 1980 wilderness inventories, as well as lands identified by BLM staff and lands proposed by the public, in order to identify lands with potential wilderness characteristics. Of the eleven areas identified through the review, one was found to possess wilderness characteristics.

NEW - 2016 Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Inventory Update
            Upper Punche Valley (001-2016)
            Los Mogotes (002-2016)

The following pages are excerpts from the 2012 San Luis Valley Field Office's Lands with Wilderness Characteristics (LWC) Inventory.

Overview Materials
  • 2012 LWC Update Map
  • 2012 San Luis Valley Field Office Wilderness Characteristics Update
    Specific Area Materials
  • Alexander Mountain
  • Flat Top
  • Greenie Mountain
  • Middle Creek
  • Mogote Middle
  • Mogote North
  • Mogote South
  • Rio Grande
  • San Luis Hills
  • Trickle Mountain
  • Vista Grande
    Other Materials
  • Citizen Wilderness Proposal Areas