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Garden Park and Shaws Park Travel Management Plan

A Decision Record and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Garden Park and Shaws Park Travel Management Plan (TMP) Environmental Assessment (EA) was signed by the Royal Gorge Field Manager on July 14, 2009.  The Decision Record and FONSI selected Alternative B for the Garden Park Parcel and Alternative C for the Shaws Park Parcel for implementation.

The decision balances the need to protect sensitive resources (paleontology, sensitive plants, wildlife) with the public's desire for access and recreation opportunities.

Garden Park and Shaws Park TMP EA/FONSI   Acrobat PDF document

Garden Park Parcel (320 acres)

Garden Park Parcel Alternative B Map- click on map to download a pdf copy.



Alternative B was selected for the Garden Park Parcel.   It enhances non-motorized recreation uses with limited motorized access.

Note:  A proposal for new trails for mountain bicycling and hiking in the Garden Park Parcel will be analyzed in a separate EA once a complete proposal is submitted to the BLM and after the route designations authorized by this decision are implemented.



Shaws Park Parcel (1,280 acres)

Shaws Park Parcel Alternative C Map - click on map to download a pdf copy.



Alternative C was selected for the Shaws Park Parcel.  This alternative allows for motorized use that connects into the Seep Springs road and trail system to the north and non-motorized use on routes that connect to the Garden Park area to the east.