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Guffey Gorge

Guffey Gorge

(aka "Paradise Cove")

What was once a quiet local swimming hole outside of Guffey, Colorado has become a major destination for people looking to cool off during the summer months. This scenic swimming hole regularly see 300 people a day on weekends in the summer and has led to issues with parking, shortcutting the trail, litter, human waste, injuries, and disturbance of the quiet neighborhood nearby.  If you choose to visit, please consider doing so during off peak times such as during the week or in the spring or fall. 

Lots of people at Guffey Gorge

If you decide to visit Guffey Gorge, be aware of the following rules:

Full parking lot at Guffey Gorge 
  • Glass is not allowed
  • You must pack out ALL of your trash
  • The site is closed from sunset to sunrise
  • You may not have a fire at any time (campstoves are permitted)
  • Fireworks are not allowed 
  • You may not discharge a firearm unless lawfully hunting
  • It is illegal to park along the county road. You must use the provided parking lot which is often full
  • Stay on the trails and do not short cut
  • Exercise caution if you choose to jump off the rocks. It is extremely dangerous and has resulted in injuries