Wildlife Viewing

 Wildlife Viewing

Royal Gorge Field Office is home to a variety of wildlife species and offers spectacular viewing opportunities ranging from big game species such as bighorn sheep to harder to find Mexican Spotted Owls. Below you can find information about different species in the area and best viewing locations.   

Birds & Raptors – The diverse landscape of the Royal Gorge Field Office provides habitat for a variety of avian species. We manage everything from shortgrass prairie to treeless alpine and everything in between. For ideas on birding locations visit the local Arkansas Valley Audubon Chapter.


Bighorn Sheep - Bighorn Sheep Canyon along Hwy 50 west of Canon City provides an excellent opportunity to view sheep year-round. Keep a watchful eye on the north side of the canyon.


Other Wildlife – The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife is a good resource for descriptions of where to view other wildlife species.

General Tips
There is plenty of wildlife to observe on lands managed by the Royal Gorge Field Office, below are some hints on how successfully view them.
  • The early morning and evening hours are usually the best times to view wildlife. 
  • Be quiet and still.  Quick movements and loud noises startle most wildlife.
  • Be patient.  It may take time for wildlife to come your way.
  • Binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes and a telephoto lens are the best ways of getting a close-up look of wildlife behaving normally. Getting too close usually causes the animal to stop its natural behavior.
  • Do not pursue wildlife.  Be considerate and recognize signs of stress.  Play it safe by keeping a safe distance between you and the wildlife.