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Scenic Byways

Scenic Byways

There are seven Scenic Byways that cross BLM Public Lands in the state of Colorado. These outstanding touring routes offer the traveler interpretation and identification of key points of interest and services while providing for the protection of significant resources. For more information click here.

Gold Belt MapGold Belt Tour

Running from Canon City to Cripple Creek, this scenic touring and four-wheeling byway traverses alongside historic gold mining and wagon routes.  There are also three different road grades as a part of this Gold Belt Tour: one paved, one suitable for ordinary vehicles, and one four-wheel drive recommended. 

Discover the beauty and history of these roads as you reconnect to older times, when gold miners and roving marauders made their ways through the rocky crags of these hillsides.  Great views of Shelf Rock and Pike’s Peak are also an added bonus to this scenic byway.

Gold Belt Tour Website provides information for all activities along the byway

Tips for Travelers 

For your  comfort and safety while driving the tour consider these tips:

Trailers and motorhomes are not recommended on Phantom Canyon and Shelf Road because these are narrow, winding, one-lane mountain roads.

Be sure to have enough gas, water, and other necessities to make it from one Byway community to another.

  • Know the weather forecast for the day and be prepared for sudden changes. You may experience elevation changes of  5,000 feet during during the tour.
  • Steep canyons along the Byway are subject to flash flooding from heavy rainfall. If you are caught in a flash flood, climb to high ground to stay dry.
  • Do not enter abandoned mine sites. They contain loose rocks, rotting timbers and deep shafts.
  • To avoid injury and illegal trespass, stay away from active mining sites.
  • Pull completely off the road when you stop to take pictures, view wildlife, or enjoy the scenery.