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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking 

The Royal Gorge Field Office offers a variety of mountain biking opportunities including a variety of single-track trails.

With the activity becoming more popular on the trails in the Royal Gorge Field Office we work with clubs in the communities we serve to develop and improve mountain biking opportunities in the region.  Please ride only on roads and trails that are open to mountain bikes.

Mountain biking in Salida

Section 13 – These recently created single track trails are south of Canon City off of Temple Canyon Road near Grape Creek.


Shelf Road – Near the popular climbing area 30 minutes north of Canon City, off of Red Canyon Road, there is a combination of roads and trails that offer mountain biking opportunities.


Oil Well Flat – Named for the first oil wells in the state, this area is 10 minutes north of Canon City, off of Red Canyon Road (County Road 9). It offers both single-track trails and two-track roads (some that are open to motorized vehicles), that explore the interesting geology of the area.


Booger Red – This area offers stunning 360 degree views from high meadows while traveling along single-track trails and old roads that are closed to motorized use.  These trails are located off of High Park road, an approximately 45-minute drive North from Canon City.


Salida Area – There are many mountain biking opportunities north and south of Salida, all within riding distance of town.  Salida Mountain Trails is a group that offers the most up to date information regarding trails and conditions in the area.


Buena Vista Area – The Fourmile area east of Buena Vista is popular for mountain biking enthusiasts with trails accessible right from town.  The rides in the area offer a variety of scenic roads along the Arkansas River to single-track trails.  The Friends of Fourmile offer the most up-to-date information regarding trails and conditions in the area.

General Tips

With more people riding mountain bikes on the RGFO’s trails, there is the potential for conflict with other users, so be sure to follow these guidelines while enjoying your public lands from a mountain bike:

  • Use only trails designated for mountain bike use.
  • Riding a mountain bike off of designated trails is not permitted.
  • Please do not modify any trails. If you would like to help BLM maintain the trails please refer to our volunteer page.
  • Yield to other trail users, especially horses which can be easily spooked casuing serious injury to the rider.
  • Be an Ethical Rider